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Community 5x03 - "Cooperative Polygraphy"

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Story of why I’m crying!

My whole life I never had a lot of self-confidence. I never thought I was pretty. In fact, I thought I was very much the opposite of pretty, and had people in my life who confirmed just that. So as I grew up and had people tell me that I was pretty or cute or what have you, I couldn’t believe them. 

But then Community came out, and I, of course, loved the show. Then people started to tell me that I looked like Gillian Jacobs, who is stunning, gorgeous, and everything in between. And it might be shallow, but I felt like if people thought I look like her, who is so pretty, then I might not be so bad looking either. So I told her this, and just kinda started crying as I did so.

The best part was that she was telling me that she would have to kill me because only one person was allowed to have her face, but then I told her that because of her I finally feel good about my looks, she said that I could still live, as long as I wear her face proudly.

This was seriously the most amazing experience, and I can’t believe I just started to cry, but ever since people started telling me that we looked alike, I’ve been dying to meet her and just thank her, and I finally was able to. She is so sweet and so funny, and I’m just still in awe and still crying over being able to meet her.

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"I was a little too harsh on you, I’m not perfect""I am, I’d be happy to show you the ropes"

"I was a little too harsh on you, I’m not perfect"
"I am, I’d be happy to show you the ropes"

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i love u dan


i love u dan

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Happy Season 5 Renewal!

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The Community Cast reacting about the show’s renewal